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Lenten Opportunites and Upcoming Activities:

+ Disobedience: The Sousa Mendes Story next Wednesday
Join us for a film screening on Wed, April 16th from 7:30pm - 10pm in Ives Hall 105 (ILR) about the courageous actions of Sousa Mendes during WWII to protect and save over 38,000 Jews from the Nazis by issuing them visas. Aided by a Jewish Rabbi and motivated by his Catholic Faith, Sousa's actions have been considered by historians to be the largest rescue action by one individual during the holocaust. The film will be followed by Q&A with Profs. Chris Barrett (Dyson) and Paul Velleman (ILR), sons of Sousa Mendes visa recipients. For more info e-mail Joe at jem479@cornell.edu.

+ Solitary Confinement Advocacy
We are looking to raise awareness about solitary confinement and current legislation before the New York state legislature. If you'd like to help brainstorm ideas about what we can do to help this effort, email Andrew at alb398@cornell.edu!

+ Take Back the Night -- Support Survivors of Domestic Violence
Interested in helping with Take Back the Night, a local rally to support survivors of domestic violence? Email Andrew at alb398@cornell.edu for more information!

+ Senior Dinner
All graduating seniors are invited to join us for our third annual senior dinner at Joe's Restaurant. Join fellow graduating students and the ministry team of the Catholic Community for a night of reflection and community. The dinner will take place on Tues, May 20th at 6pm and will be covered by the CCC. For more info or to rsvp please e-mail Joe at jem479@cornell.edu.

+ Graduation Masses and Reception
Join us for our graduation Masses on Sat, May 24th at 4pm and Sun, May 25th at 8am in the ATH Auditorium. Following our Saturday Mass we will have small reception and gathering for seniors and their families in the One World Room of Anabel Taylor Hall. For more info e-mail Joe at jem479@cornell.edu.

+ Bring Your Ricebowls Back this Weekend
Beginning this weekend feel free to bring your ricebowls back to Sage Chapel. We'll be collecting them through the end of April. E-mail Joe at jem479@cornell.edu for more info.

Spring 2014 Mass Schedule: 

  • Sundays:  10:30am and 9:30pm at Sage Chapel
  • Mondays: 12:20pm in ATH Chapel
  • Wednesdays: 5:15pm in ATH Chapel


For a comprehensive list of Sunday Mass times at nearby parishes please go to http://www.cornellcatholic.org/cocaco/index.cfm/sacraments-worship/sunday-mass-times-at-local-area-parishes/.  

Today's Readings — The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website Daily Mass Readings provides the reading for the day and links to download podcasts via iTunes or other audio file formats.




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